West Boylston, Massachusetts

Our mission is to preserve the story of West Boylston. The Historical Society invites you to explore our history with us.

The Old Stone Church

The Old Stone Church was built in the early 1890s to replace the Baptist church which had been lost in a fire. Hardly 10 years later, it had to be abandoned for the reservoir. Because it was built of stone and was clearly going to be a scenic attraction, the commonwealth was persuaded by townsfolk to let it remain. It stands alone on a point of land by the side of the water as a reminder of what was lost to the reservoir.

NOTE: No official permits will be issued for weddings over 25 people. Groups of 25 or less can use the Property during daylight hours.  Registration is not required and it is open to the public at no cost.  It is a shared space so other groups may use the space at the same time.  Anything brought onto the space must be removed when leaving, such as flowers.  The gates cannot be opened for access.  The following items are not allowed - tents, canopies, open flames of any kind, alcoholic beverages, animals and motorized vehicles.  No bodily contact with the water is permitted.  For more information please contact the DCR at 508-792-7806